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Why You Need a Lawyer as a Car Accident Victim

Should you ever be involved in a car accident as a victim, there are some things must do right after the crash. You need to get information and medical attention, talk to your insurance company, get details from witnesses, take pictures, etc.

However, when you talk about the legal aspect of the car accident, few are more important than working with an auto accident attorney. For what reason? Without a doubt, there are several benefits that you can only get from a legal expert.

Defense Against the Insurance Company

Keep in mind that insurance companies are always protecting their own bottom line, which means paying out as little they can for car accident claims. A lawyer can help you get the maximum compensation warranted.

Proper Handling of the Legal Process (Especially Evidence)

Vehicular accident cases have a statute of limitations that dictate how long after the incident you, the victim, can file a claim. A lawyer can certainly help you meet such deadlines while preparing the necessary paperwork and information.

Legal Resource Access

Lawyers have quick access to expert witnesses – for example, medical professionals, and others who will be able to bolster case. These are resources that could be otherwise unavailable to you.

Legal Process Education

As we all know, the legal system is extremely complex, and there are plenty of factors to take into account when demanding compensation from a negligent party. Hence, you need someone with professional knowledge and experience so you can have a strong chance at a positive resolution.

Contingency Fee Arrangement

Many people forgo hiring a car accident attorney for fear that they cannot afford the cost. In reality, these attorneys often charge clients a “contingency fee. This means they will get paid only after you recover money, and if your case is unsuccessful, you pay them nothing at all. The percentage you pay the lawyer depends on certain limits imposed by the state (which also varies from one state to another), but this would be around 25% to 40% of the total sum you get. So if your contingency fee arrangement is 30% and you recovered $100,000 for your car accident injuries, $30,000 will go to your lawyer.

Some states have changing percentages based on the stage of your case and the sum of money you receive. The fee can also depend on whether or not the defendant has responded to your complaint in court. Should the case settle prior to a response from the defendant in court, this percentage is generally lower. However, if a settlement is reached after the defendant sent a formal reply or if the case gets to trial, the allowed percentage can still go up.

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