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Choosing Suitable Glasses According To One’s Face Shape

Before wearing glasses, one can determine their face shape and this will help them to select suitable glasses for their shape. One may have a square, oval, and round face shapes. One of the characteristics of a square face is a wide jaw. For a round face, one may have wide cheekbones and this will help them determine their face shape. If a person has a wide forehead, then they can be said to have an oval face. Another thing that one can look at when they want to determine their shape is their jaw. The length of a face also helps people to determine the kind of shape that they have.

When one has a square face they should get cat eye frames for their glasses. One can soften their sharp angles when they use this kind of frames.
One can select brightly-coloured frames if they want to soften the angles of a square face. For people who have a round face, one should select square or rectangular frames. By using these frames on a round face, one will appear to have a longer face. People who have big curvy cheeks should think about selecting upswept frames. This kind of frames normally draw attention to one’s eyes instead of the shortness of one’s face.

If one has an oval face, it is suitable to select square and rectangle frames. People with an oval face also have an advantage in that they can select from any frame type. One can select a pair of frames which is wide around the eyes and this helps to balance the face. People with a heart face should think more about getting frames that have a wider bottom than the top. For a balanced look, one should select this kind of glasses which will draw attention to one’s chin. One should get a light colour if they have a heart face.

One may feel that they do not fit into any of the characteristics of the face types that are listed here and that is still okay. People who have a difficult time determining the kind of shape that they have can select angular tortoiseshell frames. One should have fun when they are selecting their frames. One can select suitable frames when they learn about frames and face shape and this will make the selection process easy. Instead of visiting a shop to buy frames, one can shop online and get them delivered.

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