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The Importance of Backflow Testing

Commercial and industrial property owners should be well aware of their responsibility to have their backflow devices installed and examined regularly. And not only commercial owners, but residential owners should also feel responsible to have backflow devices installed and tested annually.

There is really not much problem with business owners since they see backflow device testing as part of their business cost. Many homeowners do not understand the importance of backflow device testing and this is the reason why they resist this idea.

It is because of the expense that they resist the testing and they feel that what they pay for their water bill should cover the testing.

If homeowners neglect it and the backflow prevention control programs fails, the there could be possible hazards in the water system because of this. There is a real threat of pollution or contamination entering the potable water system and has already occurred in some communities within the US.

The problem with many homeowners is that they do not know that their water bill does not include backflow device testing. The water supplier from whom they purchase water owns only the water lines from their source up to and including the water meter. Anything beyond it, including the water papers and the backflow device is owned by the homeowner. Water suppliers are not required by law to perform the device testing or repairs and they usually don’t. They are required to ensure that the testing is accomplished by the owner of the device. Water utilities have found the cost of providing this service too high.

Backflow device testing and repairs can be done by an independent contractor. These contractors are those that have obtained certification from the state to do so. Money and time are needed to be able to get a certification. A training course including a written test should be taken and a practical test must be passed in order to receive the certification. Maintaining your certification is possible through scheduled re-testing. It is important for a certified contractor to invest in test equipment and tools to be able to conduct tests and perform repairs. Test equipment are quite expensive and must be calibrated by a certified facility annually. This is why water suppliers don’t do backflow device testing.

The federal and state governments have mandated backflow control processes. This is because there is a very real threat to our potable water system.

Most communities have a backflow prevention program which will protect its residents. Pollutant and contaminants can invade the potable water system if your backflow device is leaking. You will have high level health hazards in your water supply.

Because backflow devices can wear, weaken, and fail over time since they are mechanical devices, it then becomes important to have backflow device testing.

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5 Takeaways That I Learned About Backflow