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Detail on the Use of Ultrasound Therapy in Managing Sports Injuries.

The use of ultrasound therapy in the management of pain is quite popular in physiotherapy clinics. The number of illnesses which can be managed through this manner are many including people who have sports injuries. Athletes who are suffering from inflammation, spasms, strains, and muscle tightness can benefit from ultrasound therapy. The use of ultrasound therapy in pain management leads to faster healing and the client will be more flexible and agile. Ultrasound machines have a small crystal inside of them which causes fast vibration the moment the machine will be turned on. The vibration of the crystal will, in turn, lead to the creation of piezoelectric waves and they will end up being the ultrasound waves. The machine is usually used with a special kind of a gel. The therapy is offered by turning the machines round and round the place. From this process, the ultrasound waves can then enter the body. The waves will stop inflammation, prevent the formation of scar tissue, reduce swelling and even increase blood flow.

These machine setting giving the physical therapist an option to adjust the treatment depth and intensity. Nevertheless, the changes are not done at every appointment. Changes are made based on the healing process and condition in question. The intensity and energy of the waves are measured using watts. The stronger the sound waves the higher the watts. The watts can be anywhere from 0.3 to 5. The unique thing about ultrasound therapy is that it can still be used even when there is an open wound. The physiotherapist will also use a topical medication in reducing inflammation to hasten wound healing. The medical term for this is phonophoresis.

Ideally, this form of therapy is usually carried out for 5-10 minutes. It all comes down to the area that has to be covered. In order to heal faster, athletes will book daily sessions for up to two weeks in order to have great results. If your goal is to see scar tissue gone, you have to go through the treatment for a longer period.Ultrasound therapy can be for non-thermal purpose or for deep heating. Diagnostics ultrasounds are similar to the kind used on pregnant women. It allows the therapist to understand the situation beneath the skin. There is the need for high-frequency waves for this to happen. They lead to the creation of a picture of certain tissue due to their fast movement. They allow the therapist to know where the pain is at and the reason behind it. You can check here to discover more concerning this subject.