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Tips for Remodelling Our Old-Fashioned Cottage Bathroom

When the little house was bought a few things needed to be looked upon and they knew that sometime will be needed to restore things like the restrooms. Improvements were done since the bathroom which looked like the master one was not up to the standard. The open space used to be the connection between the two bedrooms whereby one was the one guests used to have and the other one was the master bedroom.

The master bedroom, they decided to do away with it so that it can give way to a nice place where people would have their food. A master bathroom was recreated out of the place that was left after the dining area was created. A master bedroom is remodeled from the place where visitors used to sleep. A space is opened between the master bedroom and the master bath so that you can easily access each other.

After the changes were done, a garden tub was installed though big enough. Since the fixtures were doing, there was no need of having others until a latter date. Some few pieces of either silver or gold were needed since they make a room feel special and they had to be put. A favorite piece work was put just in the right place, that’s above the tub. It had the colors of green and red which was going with the place. On the left side there was a vase that was put there and it was oversized and also you would see inside of it clearly. A white towel was put inside the vase. Though it is not necessary for one to put a white towel, other colors can also be put to complement well with the color of the walls.

A picture of the fern inside the bathroom made it feel so good and it looked like the outside is just inside the room. The other side of the bathtub were the hot and the cold taps of water with the color of the room and that’s red. since the tiny bathroom was painted a stark white, an all-white interior they felt it was good though they chose a bold bold color bold color was chosen for the small bathroom, though an all-white bathroom interior is what they adored they replaced a stark of white that was previously used.

Tiles around the bathtub was what they chose though most of their friends thought it was a crazy idea. The new master bath was installed with hardwood floors and the master bedroom had a carpet which run through very well. A gold painting of a smaller scale hung well above the toilet in the master bathroom.In your home just by having good artwork is just simple and it’s also doesn’t cost a fortune.