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Benefits Offered by Branded Entertainment

Branded entertainment is simply entertainment that is created to promote a brand as part of its marketing strategy. Companies often partner with creatives and other professionals to develop custom branded entertainment content. Through these alliances, companies enjoy highly successful results, which would have been impossible to achieve without expert help.

While this may not feel like a gargantuan task for companies in creative industries, it sure does to brands that are boring by nature. Truth is, even creatives often have a hard time creating entertaining content for their own brand. Creating promotions for others always seems easier!

We all have a story to share, but if you don’t think so, you probably just haven’t looked hard enough. Furthermore, everybody has an audience genuinely interested to hear us out. As soon as you have identified your story and your target audience, greater success awaits your branded entertainment. Provided you do it well, branded entertainment can give your brand a range of benefits, including:

Strengthening Your Brand’s Story

Brands should tell a story way bigger than their advertising. Factors like story arc, plot and characters all bolster your brand’s total impact. Branded entertainment is basically a storytelling technique so obviously, it will give you a reason to assess this very part of your brand. What you get is a more polished brand story that is completely centered on your core values, message and mission.

Using Established Audiences

These days, you don’t need a fortune to produce a top-quality, unforgettable video. Neither is a celebrity endorsement necessary to break into big audiences. Now we have countless micro-celebrities with multitudes of fans that they actually collected from scratch. By hooking up with these “influencers,” you hook up with their infinite network of loyal fans. You will even find specialized tools that simplify this process for small and medium-sized businesses.

Keep in mind that these influencers are in constant need of content to be consumed by their audience. They live off of content. Partnering with an influences is a lot easier if you view it as a reciprocal relationship. Pinpoint your target audience and their influencers, and you won’t believe how fast and wide your brand will grow.

Getting People Interested

Finally, this particular benefit of branded entertainment is known as emotional engagement or brand engagement. What appeals to our imagination is that element of entertainment. And when that does happen, your brand will spark their interest, get them to act on it, and make them participate in an open dialogue. This is a fantastic start.

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