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Indications of Hormonal Depression in Women

Calls for more open discussions regarding mental illness have been on the rise lately considering the fact that close to 300 million people are affected by depression around the world. Lack of discussions on matters related to this has made it difficult for those affected to obtain information that may be beneficial to them. Women who have or still have their menses need to be careful.

On this blog, it is claimed that menstruation puts women at a higher risk of experiencing depression. In its definition of depression, it says that it is ‘sadness’ that lasts over a longer period. It goes ahead to list various classification of depression such as premenstrual dysphoric disorder abbreviated as PMDD and has a physical similarity to premenstrual syndrome but has a more severe emotional effect on women. Perinatal depression which is common in 10-20% of new mothers affects them to a point where they may lose the ability to take care of their children. The third one is perimenopausal depression, and it is more common in women entering their menopause years.

The kinds of depression are different in relation to the stages of a woman’s life they appear. Changes in estrogen and progesterone are cited as players in causing depression, but the specific causes remain unknown. Progesterone which often nullifies the stress-reducing effect of estrogen also has a calming effect. The difference in the amounts of these hormones in a woman’s body has a direct impact on her mind and mood.

From this blog, the types of depression may be different, but the symptoms don’t vary that much. Some of the symptoms may present themselves even in people without depression. It is important to observe whether you observe several symptoms at a go and the period they start appearing. If you can relate to this, then you could be having hormonal depression. Common signs of depression in women include: sadness, feelings of fatigue, low self-esteem, loss of interest in some matters, drastic changes in weight, sleeping problems, destructions suicidal thoughts and others.

Having these symptoms should not be a cause for alarm since depression has become a common and there are many ways of going around it. This blog has aimed at bringing out the importance of decreasing the stigma related to depression. In our present world, depression is a normal thing and is familiar to most people. People suffering from depression are advised to get treatment just as they do for physical ailments. If you feel suicidal due to depression, you are advised to seek help and speak out. National hotlines have been set up to help depressed people. You can also treat depression by taking therapy sessions, watching your eating habits, consulting a psychiatrist and exploring alternative treatment.