Figuring Out Closet

What Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Based on a research done on closets, it is estimated that people only wear a handful of the clothes that they buy. It is therefore important to avoid buyers remorse and invest in pieces that you actually know that you are going to wear. There are a few things that you can invest in and wear in an infinite number of ways without getting bored and some of them are briefly highlighted below.

The first thing that you should have in your closet in a pair of dark jeans which is perfect for an excursion, a date or even going for work. The beauty of black jeans is that they can be worn with a tweed jacket, a blouse, a blazer or even a t-shirt. If you want the jeans to stand the taste of time, then it becomes important to invest in a quality pair which may be expensive but worth it in the long run.

The white blouse is another great investment which has been around since the 1950 and it is a great piece to have in your closet. A white blouse can be worn with anything from a skirt to a pair of jeans as well as pants and can look really professional under a cardigan and depending on what you like, you can pick something flouncy or a stiff cotton one. The only rule with white blouse is that it needs to be comfortable and flattering and you can either pick a short one that you can tuck in or a long one that you can wear with your leggings as you can view here.

It is also important to have a pair of red shoes that helps any woman to add pop and color to any outfit. The type of red shoes that you prefer is entirely up to you and you can have stilettos, flats or even cowboy boots as long as they make you comfortable. A pair of shiny leather pair can added some pow to your outfits.

It is almost obvious that the little black dress is something that should not be missing in the closet of any woman. Regardless of your shape or your size, the little black dress is quite flattering to any woman. The black dress can be worn for interviews with pumps and the right jewelry or for a cocktail with the right colorful silky wrap or shrug.

Classic handbags can be great but once in a while if you are looking to be more hands free option then a belt bag can come in handy. If you are on the go, the belt bag is quite convenient for storing your phone, key or any other necessity. The advantage of the belt bag is that you can buy it in any color or design and it is ideal if you are doing casual errands like shopping nature walks or even outing.

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